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pavement café


Preis: ab 15.000 Euro

Free telephone consultation: W hatsapp    +43 (660) 35-80-105

Construction of Shanigarten in Austria

"There's no such thing as bad weather in the Schanigarten"


In winter it is cold

We build Schanigarten

We warm ourselves like at home

In winter it is cold.


We love this time

where we sit in the Schani

we drink warm mulled wine

and eat great pizza.


we are singing Christmas songs

let's hug each other

we build sidewalk cafés

we sit here and laugh.

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The cost of the finished Shanigarten is 15,000 euros.

We are able to deliver all types and designs of Shanigarden. 

We proceed individually for each project and carry it out taking into account all special features  Customer. 

We not only offer the development of Shanigarden structures, but also the interior and exterior design and stylize them to match the overall concept of your restaurant.  


Our team of professional designers and Protestants will offer you a visualization of your Shanigarden for approval, and after consultation with you we will implement it using the best technologies and materials.  


Tilt the roofing. Any color and shape. With automatic ascent and descent system.  


Polycarbonate coverings. Due to the special structure of the material, such a coating keeps the interior of Shanigarden cool in summer, breaks the sun's rays and keeps warm even in winter.  


For winter use of the Shanigarden, we offer the Shanigarden winter model with soft curtains and a heating system.  


If required, we can also obtain the necessary permits from the municipal authorities for you.  


We offer you a comprehensive range of services at competitive prices.  


There is also the option of deferred payments.