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Hand-cut wild log baths in a Canadian bowl

Have you decided to order a bath? Great, let's take everything down to the smallest detail and build a bathhouse that will delight you and your family for many years. Now we will not talk about the benefits of the bath as such and the fact that the bath should be made of wood, everyone has known about this for a long time, but just decide which type of wooden baths is better, how much it costs and when you can prepare brooms :)

Log building and the advantage of the wild log bath

We offer our customers saunas from wild logs of hand felling into a Canadian bowl. Why do you need this? Let's figure it out: a wooden bathhouse can be built from wild logs (log construction), rounded logs (logs after machining with a milling cutter), profiled timber (rectangular bar). We propose to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type separately.

What is the difference between a traditional Russian bowl and a Canadian one?

баня, дереаянные бани, баня под ключ

Canadian bowl

The unique trapezoidal shape of the Canadian bowl provides an invisible technological gap between the crowns, which, after drying and shrinking, allows the upper log to sit down without obstacles and form a reliable sealed lock.

The Canadian Bowl is the best log building technology that has been tested for centuries. I would like to note that houses and saunas chopped according to Canadian technology do not need subsequent regular caulking.

баня, дереаянные бани, баня под ключ

Russian bowl

The Russian bowl has a number of disadvantages compared to the Canadian one. At the time of erection, the logs form a lock without visible gaps, but after shrinkage and shrinkage of the logs, significant gaps are formed, which must be caulked regularly.

As an advantage of the Russian bowl, we can note the ease of assembly, which does not require the vast experience and professionalism of the masters in the assembly of log cabins.

Why will your sauna be unique and unrepeatable?

  • Manual debarking of logs with preservation of all natural lines of the log relief. The technology of construction from wild logs requires manually removing the bark, which allows you to preserve the strongest ball of wood, as well as all the natural irregularities of natural wood. Thus, we get not only a beautiful appearance, but also preserve all the protective properties of the tree. Of course, this greatly complicates the process of erecting a log house, but as you know, beauty requires sacrifice :)

  • Difference in diameters. Thanks to the Canadian technique, the bathhouse can consist of logs of different diameters. What does this give us? It is difficult to convey in words, but the difference in diameters gives the frame a majesty and uniqueness that does not leave anyone indifferent.

  • Endless design possibilities. Just imagine how many possibilities in decor and design a natural wild forest gives us. The flight of fantasy can be very diverse, and most importantly, your bathhouse will be unique and unrepeatable. You can copy a project, but in a huge forest there are no two absolutely identical trees. There is no doubt that your guests will praise your sauna for a long time!

  • Natural minimum percentage of cracking. Unlike cylindering, a wild log bath after complete shrinkage and shrinkage has a minimal percentage of cracking. This allows you to preserve the beautiful appearance and unique thermal insulation properties of wood.

Canadian felling technology is recognized as the best known technology for the construction of wooden houses and baths. This is due to the fact that over the years, the locks between the crowns of the log house only become more airtight. Let's look at how it is possible to achieve such indicators:

Construction time

Depending on the area of the bath, the production of the box takes from 7 to 30 days. If you order a turnkey bath, all work will be completed within two to three months. We provide a tight construction time due to the possibility of manufacturing a log house on our own procurement base and assembly at your site. Thanks to extensive experience, many processes take place in parallel. For example, while the monoliths are engaged in the construction of the foundation, a box for the future bath is made in the production workshop. Thus, already a month after the signing of the contract, there is a log house with a rafter on the site. I would like to note that we know how important it is to comply with the construction deadlines and understand how disappointing it is if the brooms are prepared, but there is still no pair. We will work night shifts, but we will hand over the work on time :)

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